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ZL is serious about protecting your personal information. All information sent to us will be processed in accordance with Dutch legislation on the processing of personal data. By using the site, you agree that the information you send will be collected and processed in accordance with these terms. You grant us the right to access, record or otherwise process your personal information, such as your personal ID or other information you submit to our site, so that the service provider or our partners can provide you with the services available on the site. We also comply with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Limitation of liability

The service provider does not warrant that the information contained on its website is correct and does not correspond to the direct or indirect damages caused by the use of these services. The service provider is also not liable for any interruptions or damages caused by potential technical disturbances, such as telecommunications malfunctions, information system errors, malware or security risks. Thus, we can not guarantee that our website and the services we have are always or uninterruptedly available. The service provider can not guarantee its users access to a loan as the service provider does not make funding decisions or act as a financier. Financing decisions are made by the service provider’s partners based on their own risk analyzes and creditworthiness assessments.


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